If Home Buyers Were 5-Year-Olds We Wouldn't Need Renderings October 06 2014

Can you imagine spending your life's savings on something based on just a sketch, only to possibly have your heart broken later? Forget that.

As builders, we know what we can deliver, and often times we ask our customers to put their trust in us. But what are we delivering? The vision we have in our head, or the vision in the customer's mind?

Frequently it's this disconnect that can keep us from closing the deal. We're asking our customers to envision their lives in their new homes based on a sketch, an elevation, or a close cousin to the home that we're building for them ("it's just like this home, except X, Y, and Z are different ...").

But this technique is fraught with peril.

Over the past few years neuroscientists have created the prospective brain hypothesis, which basically says our imagination gets worse as we age. Especially when it comes to imaging scenes.
The researchers speculate that personal memories are particularly susceptible to aging because they rely heavily on 'relational processing', the ability to mentally summon and join unique pieces of information, such as where and when an experience occurred. Stitching the particulars of a scene together — be it real or imagined — gets more difficult with age. - Nature | International Journal of Science
If our customers were 5-year-olds they'd envision an amazing future in their new home based on barely any input from us. Because they aren't, we need to help them see what's possible. So go get those elevations rendered and paint a picture people can see themselves living in. At Rendifity.com it's just $150 per rendering.