4 Things You Didn't Know About Home Renderings September 06 2014

1.) Multiple colors go a long way

Letting buyers see different options relieves them of having to rely on their own imagination.

2.) Renderings Are Cheap!

Companies like Rendifity.com offer photograph-quality renderings for only $150 (find a discount code or ask for one - we're almost always running a sale)! It's less than you probably spend to put gas in your car each month.

3.) Don't Paralyze Them With Too Many Options!

In 2010, Duke University Professor Dan Ariely wrote Predictably Irrational and changed the way economists thought about purchase decisions. He introduced the concept that 3 is the perfect number of choices for a consumer. Most buyers start by quickly eliminating one option. At that point, they're pot-committed though! All they have to do is decide between the remaining two.

4.) Get Approval Now and Avoid Headaches Later

We all know how painful things can get when a buyer's expectations aren't met. By getting approval up-front on colors and materials using a rendering, the buyer can see exactly what they're getting. It's a simple step that leads to happier customers and more referral business in the future!

Ready to start using renderings to help your customers visualize their future home? Get started in less than 2 minutes.